Whether we manage your server or not, we can provide a number of add-on services that you may find useful.

Backups to Amazon Web Storage (AWS)

For CentOS 6 servers we can provide backups to Amazon Web Storage (AWS) – we charge £350 to set this up – the set-up includes a test restoration. You set-up your own AWS account and pay Amazon directly for the storage – once it’s set-up we charge nothing. If you want us to set-up your AWS account for you too, we can, the cost is £50.

Unlike the standard backup to AWS provided in WHM/cPanel our mechanism for backing up to AWS provides for a separate schedule so you could have daily backups locally and only weekly backups to AWS if you wanted to for example and most importantly our method uses comparison technology so that instead of transferring all the data every time, killing your bandwidth, we only transfer the differences, the changes in the files - the result is that a tiny percentage of the bandwidth is used.

We can perform test restorations to check that your AWS backup is still working properly. We charge £100 per time for a test restoration and you can choose the frequency that you would like these tests performed – it’s your data – you know what is appropriate considering its value. If you choose monthly restoration tests we charge £900 per year (save 25%).

We can configure AWS backups for any other server – please contact us for a quote.

We can also configure AWS backups for any hosting accounts on servers we manage – we charge £250 for the set-up in this case irrespective of the number of hosting accounts provided that they are on the same server and they are set-up at the same time.

Please contact us now to know more about remote backup to Amazon Web Storage.