Usability is intimately related with accessibility but it goes further, a usable website is one on which in addition to being accessible, users have pleasant and relaxing visits, they enjoy browsing and exploring the content and functionality.

When users find themselves on usable websites, they stay longer, and the longer they stay, and the more they enjoy the experience, the design, the content and the functionality, the more likely they are to interact, make purchases and be positive when thinking about and talking about your brand.

Optimising usability requires substantial effort to

  • clearly display the most important elements
  • balance the need to reduce clutter and present a simple interface with the need to make access to the most needed tools rapid
  • avoid confusion
  • make everything load as fast as possible
  • be standards compliant and avoid frames and other incongruous structures that disrupt the navigation flow
  • use fonts that are easy to read and font sizes and styles that communicate immediately the relative importance of each piece of information
  • ensure links are visible, predictable (give the user an idea of what they will find by clicking) and appealing without being excessively “shouty”

Designing your website respecting web usability is the best way to ensure your users can interact easily, comfortably and intuitively. Usability is the key to satisfying all your users needs once they arrive at your website.

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