Quality Control Reports

Quality Control Reports

WHM / cPanel Reporting (See just below)
cPanel account stats report
cPanel domain report
Domain report (good for any domain hosted anywhere)

WHM/cPanel reporting

cPanel account stats report

Our customers that provide shared hosting to their customers find this report a great time-saving for managing billing and service level agreements. A time saving report that gives for all the sites on your cPanel/WHM server

  • Status - active or suspended – and the reason they were suspended
  • Disk space used with files
  • Disk space used with MySQL database
  • Bandwidth used
  • Backup status – New cPanel backups, old, or none

We charge £25 per server for a monthly report or £12.50 per server if the server has 5 sites or less

cPanel domain report

Helps WHM/cPanel system administrators spot domain configuration issues which are easy to solve once you’ve spotted the problem – the report gives for every domain, sub-domain or parked domain on a WHM/cPanel server:

  • DNS configuration information helping you spot amongst other issues, URLs that don’t resolve properly. The case where www.example.com resolves correctly but example.com does not is a classic problem
  • Mails being delivered locally when they should be being delivered remotely or vice-versa is another classic account configuration issue this report helps you spot
  • SPF records – all domains should have them – many don’t and for those that do they need to be configured right and maintained if something changes – our report makes that quicker and easier to stay on top of
  • Robots.txt – we don’t want development sites to get indexed in Google etc., we definitely do want live sites to get indexed. It’s so easy to overlook the robots.txt file when cloning websites, this report helps spot errors early and fix them before it’s too late!

We charge £40 per server for a monthly report or £20 per server if the server has 5 sites or less

cPanel reports bundle – get both the account stats report and the domain report for £50 per server or £25 if the server has less than 5 sites

Domain configuration audit report

You can also get all the same information as in the cPanel domain report for any domain no matter where it’s hosted or on what system by purchasing our general domain report – it costs £20 per year and features all the same information as in the cPanel domain report except information specific to WHM/cPanel hosting.

Please contact us now if you want to know more about quality control reports .

Note: We are experienced cPanel/WHM systems administrators who have developed these reports to help us to manage the servers we are responsible for even more effectively than is already possible with the tools provided by the cPanel software and have decided to market this technology for other cPanel/WHM systems administrators who may find them useful - we are not endorsed or approved by cPanel and have no relationship with cPanel other than as loyal customers and active members of the cPanel/WHM community