Web Development

Web Development

  • Open source integration, configuration and customisation
  • Massive experience with PHP code libraries especially WordPress, Joomla and Drupal
  • Massive experience with .Net code libraries including nopCommerce and umbraco
  • Totally bespoke solutions
  • Our own extensive and well maintained code libraries
  • New builds, rebuilds, maintenance and development of existing code bases
  • Bespoke services, training and documentation

We take pride in developing high quality websites, be they small brochure type sites for small businesses, up to the most complex websites for blue chip clients. Quality control is at the top of our list - we want every site we build to be as good as it can be, perfectly viewable by all users whatever type of computer or browser they are using.

Web development
Web development

Making quality a key cultural feature of our business

We achieve these quality levels by ensuring that we have the best team possible working for you, and by making quality a key cultural feature of our business. We focus on careful employee selection, development and retention to ensure that we only work with people who feel the same way we do. We are unwilling to compromise on quality as our work is often the key driver of business or provider of revenue for our clients.

We take this commitment to quality hand-in-hand with a commitment to deliver value to our clients and a drive to be competitive in the marketplace. So, while you might be able to find cheaper providers than us, don't expect them to be delivering the same levels of quality, and we will also guarantee that we can beat the more expensive providers! We achieve this by focussing on efficiency and productivity, delivering better quality work in less man-hours than our competitors.

We have a massive portfolio of development work of all kinds. We are a generalist business, we pride ourselves in the quality of our consultants and business analysts who will be able to quickly and fully understand your business need, and design a solution to meet it. While some agencies provide specialist services focussing on a specific type of web development, we believe that working with all kinds of clients and business models provides us with a richness of experience that specialist providers will never be able to obtain, it keeps our developers motivated and interested since they love nothing better than having a new problem to solve, instead of pumping out the same code again and again and solving the same types of problems, and lets them bring the benefits of experience of working on diverse projects to new problems.

Again, we're happy developing all kinds of websites, big or small. You don't have to be commissioning thousands of man-hours from us to get our attention and the quality website that you're looking for.

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