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Long term white hat SEO strategy

When search engine companies modify their algorithms the order of results can change significantly - it's important therefore to optimise based on the principles that drive the algorithm. Specific changes aimed to take advantage of the latest changes in the algorithm are secondary.

Our approach is a white hat SEO approach which is sustainable because we work for the benefit of both our client and for the benefit of the search engine companies. We determine the search terms for which your web pages will be relevant and useful to search engine users and maximise the value the search engine's algorithms perceive for your pages.

Typical phases in a bespoke SEO project

Getting started

  • We develop a shared understanding of the best search terms to target
  • We consider your competitors' web sites and competition in general around the search phrases we need to target
  • We carefully analyse historic data (if available) and relevancy of search terms
  • We propose and agree target search terms priorities

One of the results of the getting started phase is a list of keywords to target

Sprint preparation

Parallel sprint execution - development and marketing teams

Executing as planned and in accordance with our quality assurance standards

Marketing team activity

The number and quality of inbound links remains an important component used in search engine algorithms. Good links from other web sites both deliver interested visitors to yours and improve your search engine positioning.

The best way to obtain links to your site is by offering perceptible value both in terms of content and in terms of offering. The most commercially successful link building strategies cause users to link voluntarily to your site because it is worth linking to. Our marketing team are expert content creators and content collaborators, we will help you get your content right!

Old fashioned techniques such as directory listings, gaining links from influential media channels by PR methods still work fabulously in the digital era when done well, combine these with more newfangled concepts such as guest blogging and you're on to a winning formula!

Development team activity

We have a deep understanding of both SEO and web development, this gives us a powerful advantage. Often simple improvements such as restructuring navigation, rebuilding templates and other technical aspects can have a profound impact on search engine positioning. Programmatic content creation when done well is also powerful.

Monitoring and Analysis – Measuring value for money!

We provide reports on positioning, traffic volumes and sources. Wherever possible we combine these with sales data to see what's having the biggest effect on the bottom line.

Our SEO consultants provide an efficient, in-depth, SEO consultancy service which joins up with our conversion optimisation, email marketing and web metrics services and with our wider web development and digital design services.

Our mission is to deliver for you maximum profit and minimum risk in your online operations.

A professional, personal, friendly and highly motivated service

We want each client to see a return every time. That's what drives our business.
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The right team gets the job done - collaboratively

Naturally we prefer to work with our in-house design and development teams but sometimes it's better for you that we work with your existing web designers and developers, which we're more than happy to do.

Of course, we always work with your in-house staff, often our copy-writers, editors, translators and proof-readers can help with specialist activity or when time is of the essence.

Our SEO consultants are multi-lingual, international SEO consultants based primarily in Barcelona, Spain and within the United Kingdom. We can help with projects involving multiple countries and languages.

How much does bespoke search engine optimisation cost?

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process. It is best to allocate an affordable ongoing monthly or quarterly budget for SEO and for the wider digital marketing, web development and digital design work that results from the SEO focus.

SEO activity is strategic marketing investment for the medium and long-term. Return on money invested now will continue well into the future. Each iteration usually costs £600 and you may choose from as frequently as a couple of iterations per week to as infrequently as a couple of times a year.

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