Managed Servers & Hosting

Most of the digital marketing and web development work that we do occurs in the web application layer and interacts with the infrastructure software and operating system.

7 Web Application Layer - www. | Managed Servers & Hosting
6 Infrastructure Software Managed Servers & Hosting
5 Operating Systems Managed Servers & Hosting
4 Virtualización Managed Servers & Hosting
3 Physical Servers Managed Servers & Hosting
2 Networking &Firewalling Managed Servers & Hosting
1 Data Centre Mechanical & Electrical Managed Servers & Hosting

Not just any web hosting

Its easy enough these days to put together layers 1 to 6 and say you offer web hosting. It’s another thing altogether to provide the security, scalability, reliability and support that allows the purchaser not to need to concern themselves with hassles caused by lack of quality.

Solid data centre partner

We are lucky enough to work with a specialist data centre partner, one of the best in the industry who has provided us with layers 1 - 4 since 2006 reliably, securely and impressively.

Managed Servers

We set-up, configure, security-harden and optimise layers 5 and 6 to suit the requirements at layer 7. We do this because we were frustrated in the early days with hosting companies that wasted our time being difficult or lax about the configuration of layers 5 and 6 or that caused reliability problems due to poor management, processes or sub-contracting in layers 1 – 4.

Initially we developed this for our digital marketing and web development customers so that we can offer them an end-to-end solution that matches our quality standards and their expectations. We offer virtual or dedicated servers, for organizations with web applications with security or load requirements that justify this.

Web and email hosting

We make our managed servers available for clients who want the level of quality, security, reliability, scalability and support that we provide but don’t have the need for a server of their own – they just need to host a website or several websites.

Managed servers for web agencies

More recently other digital / media / web agencies have begun to approach us wanting to offer their customers our service and quality levels without having to develop this part of the puzzle themselves.

Agency X Case Study

Additional Server Services

Whether you purchase a managed server from us or your server is provided by another provider we can provide:

Website uptime monitoring with email and SMS alerts

Prices start from just £8.95 per month, with 20 SMS alerts included.

Domain Registration / Configuration and Renewals

We handle all major top level domains and international domains for clients that don’t want to do it themselves. Alternatively we are happy to recommend our favourite domain registration companies.

Our domain registration strategies will save you time and money and help you protect your brand at sensible cost. Our consultancy rates apply.

Please contact us now for a quotation or specification for your web hosting project.