SEO Starter Package

This package includes

  • A brief telephone call with our SEO director
  • A technical review of the most important 5 to 10 pages on your current web site by one of our experienced consultants with simple prioritised actionable tasks to improve positioning
  • Prioritization of up to 200 keywords usually from within a much bigger set of keywords considered
  • For each keyword we will determine using our tools and experience
    1. The volume of search - how many people are searching on Google in your country for the term each month?
    2. Competition - a measure of how difficult it will be to get to position number 1 for this term based on the competition
    3. Relevance - our assessment of how relevant your business is for people searching for this term
  • Our prioritization of terms is based on our assessment of the relative value to you of ranking first on Google for each term based on the 3 factors above
  • Your report is reviewed by our SEO director and any final improvements are then made
  • You receive your report and a final call with our SEO director
This service is priced at £600

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