Web Consultancy & Web Strategy

Web marketing experience

Before you read about our consultancy services you may wish to reassure yourself about the experience of our consultants. If you haven't done so already please do read the about us page.

Web marketing consultancy

We provide project management, quality assurance, web design, web development, digital-marketing measurement / improvement, web hosting and customer service and support all under the same roof but these are not the same as web marketing consultancy although they are closely related.

What we mean when we say that we provide web marketing consultancy is that we listen to the needs of our clients and carefully document these needs and check that we have properly understood, we make our clients aware of technologies, techniques and processes that may benefit them and we produce specifications for schemes of work to improve the performance of their businesses. We are collaborative in our approach. We do not simply wish to sell you the services that we can provide. Our focus is on the success of your project because successful projects for our clients means repeat business for us.

There are many elements to successful online marketing including all the elements listed above amongst others. We don't claim to specialise in all areas. We have a network of partners that we bring in on a project by project basis to reinforce our offering as necessary especially for translations and public relations / press coverage.

Technology consulting

We prefer to specialise in web marketing but invariably clients ask us to assist them with other aspects of their technology strategy and planning, management and support and we are comfortable providing guidance in these areas too for our existing clients especially in the areas of business intelligence, systems rationalization and systems integration.

Companies struggle with an array of complex issues, some of them related to the appropriate use of the available technology to maximize productivity, increase competitiveness, and ensure quality.

Finding the right equilibrium between too much and too little technology, knowing how to reach your customers and how to leverage available information to provide a better service is one of the keys to success in today’s world.

Also, with new tools and technologies becoming available everyday, now more than ever, companies need IT strategies that are practical, measurable, and achievable, and that will keep them focused on the long term goals.

Strategy and leadership

As we get to know you and understand your business so we are able to make strategic recommendations and incrementally to lead projects on your behalf. Find out about our approach to project management next.

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