About Us

Client Profitability

The Profitable Web Projects brand was founded in 2005 by Tim Woolfson as an SEO consultancy. Focusing on maximizing ROI for clients, lead us into wider digital marketing and then to web development, digital design and server management and hosting .

Client Profitability

In 2001, Ben Empson founded Array[x] as a technical outsourcing business focusing on producing and delivering bespoke web development projects to an extremely high standard. Experts in all aspects of the internet, providing solutions whatever the technical challenges.

Winning digital marketing strategies from Profitable Web Projects combined with outstanding technical expertise from Array[x]. Merged to offer you maximum return on investment for your digital projects.

Our philosophy

We put quality, value for money and timeliness above all else.

We use our time as efficiently as possible, which is not the same as doing things as quickly as possible – simply focusing on speed of delivery does not always guarantee quality of delivery. We put speed of delivery and quality of delivery together, to ensure that we’re always delivering the best value for money for our clients.

We do this by working hard and fast, following best practice and using proven methods and solutions from open sources or closed sources where appropriate, from your existing code base or knowledge base or from our own that we've developed over years “at the coal face”.

Defined processes, quality control checklists and best of breed software tools combined with a focus on clarity of communication minimize confusion and wasted time.

We focus on staff development to ensure that the whole organisation is as focused on quality, value for money and timeliness as are the directors.

All of these things ensure we give best possible service, in the time scales and to the costs agreed. That’s why our long-term clients stay with us year after year, confident in the knowledge that we’re always striving to do our best for them.

Quality, value for money and timeliness, the best formula for your business.