1Site Lite Web Hosting

This hosting package is aimed at freelancers with more modest requirements and budgets although its available to everyone. Small and medium sized businesses will probably want our 1Site Web Hosting Package





Disk Space

50 MB




available and recommended


1 email accounts (POP/SMTP or IMAP), Account sizes limited only by disk space, Add Email Accounts, Remove Email Accounts, Set Disk Space Quotas for Email Accounts, Automatic Virus Scanning , Configurable Spam Prevention with SpamAssassin, Read mail through Webmail Interface. Manage Email Forwarders, Create Autoresponders, Email Domain Forwarding

Web Site

Apache (Linux)



mySQL Database

1 database limited only by disk space

Web Server

Apache (Linux)

DB Admin


Web Statistics

AWStats installed automatically
View Raw Access Logs for your Site, View Disk Usage, View Bandwidth Usage, View your Site's Error Log, See the Latest Visitors to your Site

Web Site Features

Shopping Carts, Guestbooks, Image Gallery, Forums, Wiki, Content Management Systems, Blogs, Publishing Software, Counter, Clocks, FormMail Clone, Calendar, Chat Rooms, FAQ System, Support System
All available with one click installation


180 MB/Month

Control Panel

cPanel Demonstration
The control panel is available in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

Backup retention

Daily backups are retained on the same server as your site is hosted for fast rollback. We also retain the daily backup and 2 historic backups at a secure off site location for your complete peace of mind.


By E-mail in Spanish + English

Price British Pounds


*Prices shown exclude VAT (IVA) at the prevailing rate. We are a company based in Spain, we appear on the European VAT register so we have to charge VAT (IVA) to companies and people resident in Spain and to companies and people resident in the European Union who do not appear on the European VAT register. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Extra email addresses are available at £10 per address per year.

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1Site Lite Web Hosting


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