SERA™ - Measuring SEO Performance

Daily Search Engine Results Page tracking

Once we've established a set of keywords, we track your search engine positioning every day and can easily send you that data (this is Search Engine Results Tracking) but the real value comes from transferring the data we gather to our Search Engine Rankings Analyser (SERA). We always set-up keyword tracking and imports to SERA as part of our SEO service.

SERA - for intelligence driven SEO strategies

Working out which keywords you should be positioning your site for is a critical part of the ongoing process of optimising your website. Monitoring your position for those search terms is also vital. Analysing how your positioning changes over appropriate timescales gives the intelligence needed to form the right strategies for your business.

SERA is software we have developed for analysing changes in search engine positioning metrics numerically and graphically. SERA features a suite of custom metrics to help be smart about SEO. We use SERA to measure how well your SEO is working. Keywords can be grouped together into related groups for simple analysis. SERA is available via a simple web interface so you can login whenever you want if you want to take a look.

SERA as a standalone SEO Performance Analysis Tool

If you are tracking your own keyword positions and would like to benefit from storing your SERP tracking history indefinitely and the graphical analysis tools that SERA provides, we offer a DIY service, see our Advanced SEO services page.

If you're not tracking your own SERPs, and you want us to provide an end to end SEO performance measurement service, to provide the data you need, your in-house team need or your external SEO team - we'd be delighted to help.

You'd need to provide us with your list of search phrases (keywords) and to tell us which country and language define your primary target market . If you don't know which keywords to track, please consider our professional keyword analysis service.

Daily SERP* tracking and usage of SERA

*Search Engine Results Page

SERA SERP 50£19.95

  • 50
  • 1 month minimum
  • 1 Language
  • 1 Primary target country

SERA SERP 800£99.95

  • 800
  • 1 month minimum
  • 1 Language
  • 1 Primary target country

SERA SERP 2000£249.95

  • 2000
  • 1 month minimum
  • 1 Language
  • 1 Primary target country

All SERA-SERP products are for a minimum of 1 month. We normally focus on Google and normally in your primary target market and target language. Prices above are for one search engine with one language and one primary target country.

If you have a bespoke SEO requirement you may be interested in our bespoke SEO services.

What's the difference between Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) and SERA?

  • With GWT, your data is limited to the keywords that are generating traffic. Google decides what to show you. With SERA you can obtain the data for any term you specify.
  • GWT shows you the average position for each of your keywords based on data collected in the past 90 days. With SERA, you can have unlimited data that shows you how your keywords fluctuate over time, even if it's over 5 years!
  • GWT shows you the average position number without any history, while with SERA you can view changes visually on a graphic that has unlimited history.
  • With SERA you can obtain the average position of all terms for any time period, amongst other things. With GWT, you're stuck with the average position of a keyword. That doesn't tell you much!

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