Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns to targeted mailing lists are an extremely effective way to generate sales. Email marketing can be extremely lucrative if done well, or a phenomenal waste of time, energy and resource if done badly. Our experience running weekly campaigns to millions of subscribers will help your business realise your email marketing potential.

Email campaigns

We can save you time and money and give you better results by:

  • Personalising your messages using data contained within your database
  • Segmenting your database to send more relevant messages
  • Optimising message template design
  • Maximising deliverability
  • Keeping your messages out of the spam filters
  • Optimising subject lines
  • Writing, editing and delivering compelling marketing text
  • Optimising calls to action
  • Performing statistically valid tests to inform optimal decision making
  • Measuring every variable that leads to optimal return on investment.

Our email marketing strategies will help your campaign outshine the rest. We can either create and deliver all your email marketing campaigns or teach you how to do it yourself.

Please contact us now for a quotation or specification for your email marketing project.

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