Shared Web and Email Hosting

We make our managed servers available for clients who want the level of quality, security, reliability, scalability and support that we provide but don’t have the need for a server of their own – they just need to host a website or several websites.

Shared hosting means that your website will be hosted on a server with other websites, the websites on the server share the server resources (CPU / RAM / Bandwidth / Disk space).

This sharing lowers the cost of hosting dramatically. Shared hosting is appropriate where either demand levels are low (low traffic websites), or where the processing demands on the server per page are low (ie. for simple websites which have little or no processing requirements per page load other than sending the page to the user).

You can read about our managed servers here. Everything we do individually for our managed server clients we do on a shared basis for our web and email hosting clients.

What sets us apart in terms of our shared web hosting is our excellent personal customer service and support.
We solve your web hosting problems!

Fast servers

We manage resources on our servers carefully and frequently to ensure resources are always available for the next request and scale up rapidly when we need to.

Easy to use software

We use web hosting software which provides an intuitive interface to help website owners manage their sites. Professionals and novices alike love the power this software offers, including the ability to activate new web technologies with the click of a mouse. The interface is intuitive and includes video tutorials and on-screen help, novices can also benefit from the getting started wizards.

Peace of mind

We take backing stuff up very seriously. If you need to recover from backups, this is a chargeable service, but we believe that having backups available should disaster strike is our responsibility - this is not an optional extra - all our hosting packages unless specifically stated otherwise come with the backup service included.

We also offer remote offsite backups to Amazon Web Storage


If you have a problem, we will do everything we can to help. By phone, email, SMS, Skype, remote connection to your PC, whatever it takes. We have yet to encounter an IT problem we couldn't solve. Please note that additional fees will result from support incidents unless we are at fault.

Freedom to migrate

We want you to continue to use our service because it's extremely good value for money. We virtually never lose a customer. But, if for any reason, you want to change provider, we won't stand in your way. Provided your account is up to date, all your data is available to you, you may migrate to another provider.


Unavoidable carbon emissions resulting from the operation of our hosting servers are offset by investments in forestry and methane capture.

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