Advanced SEO Services

Our advanced SEO services are particularly relevant for other digital agencies looking to improve their service offerings by sub-contracting service or technology provision and for digital marketing professionals in larger organisations nonetheless, everyone is welcome!

Daily Professional SEO Keyword Analysis

If you don't know what search phrases to target or you have a list of search phrases but you would like them reviewed and developed by experience search engine optimisation professionals then you're in the right place.

We use various tools and bring to bear our considerable experience to determine for each search term:

  • the volume of search
  • competition
  • relevance
  • relative value to you of a top ten position

This allows us to understand which keywords should have the highest priority and therefore be included within the quantity you choose below. If you wish and within the price we include uploading the list to the SERP monitoring software and importing them to SERA.

SEO PRO 50£170.00

  • 50

SEO PRO 800£500.00

  • 800

SEO PRO 2000£850.00

  • 2000

You receive your initial report and telephone call within 8 working days of your purchase. We then track the search phrases for a period of time (the default execution cycle is 3 months, but one month or even 1 week are also possible.)

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Search Engine Rankings Analyser - DIY

Do it yourself with SERA - Upload your own SERP data as often as you like

If you have already worked out your keywords and you are either already tracking your positioning or are happy to do so yourself, choose our do it yourself tariff to get the benefits of SERA. This product is also suitable for SEO professionals and SEO agencies. Prices below are for 1 domain and 1 client*.

Provided the software you are using to monitor your positioning in the SERPs allows you to export your data, which most do, then you can work with SERA. If you are using software we haven't already worked with - then we may need a little time before we commence your service in order to adapt our software to handle the specific export formats available in the software you are using.

DIY 50£8.50

  • 50

DIY 800£70.00

  • 800

DIY 2000£170.00

  • 2000

SERA-DIY service is for a minimum of 1 month, except for SERA-DIY-50 which is for a minimum of 3 months.
Set-up is free.

*If you want to track keywords for multiple domains or for multiple clients you should contact us

If you're not sure how to track search engine positioning statistics, don't worry. When you purchase SERA we will provide instructions on how to track your SERPs.

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