The Mobilegeddon - is your website mobile-friendly?

The Mobilegeddon

Are you missing out on the benefits of a mobile-friendly website?

On April 21st 2015 Google announced an update to their search engine informally known as the Mobilegeddon.

Why it’s important

Websites that are mobile friendly will rank higher in mobile searches than non-mobile friendly websites.

This only affects searches done with mobile phones and not tablets or desktops.

Not only will you rank higher but you’ll also be offering mobile users the experience they deserve when navigating your website on their smartphones. If they visit your site and find it isn’t responsive, they might be turned away or take longer to do important things – such as getting in touch or making a purchase!

How this affects you

Is your website mobile responsive?

Let’s look at your analytics – we can also help you determine whether this change has affected you yet or not.

Lots of small businesses are expected to be affected by this.

What you should do

  1. Find out if your website is mobile-friendly. Use Google’s own tool or give us a holler to find out for you.
  2. If your website is mobile-friendly and meets all of Google’s criteria then congratulations! You’re in for a small boost to your rankings all going well.
  3. If your website is mostly mobile-friendly, then that means there’s room for improvement, an area we can also help you with.
  4. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly (yikes!) then contact us for a no obligation consultation on getting your site responsive and meeting Google’s standards.
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